Exploring the Nurse Engineer: A Growing Interdisciplinary Profession You Didn’t Know About


Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 5:00pm PT - 7:00pm PT
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In the dynamic dance of healthcare innovation, the collaboration between biomedical engineering and nursing takes center stage, orchestrating a symphony of advancements for improved patient outcomes. Biomedical engineers craft the instruments of progress, designing cutting-edge medical devices and technologies that become the tools of a nurse's daily orchestration. From sophisticated patient monitoring systems to the rhythmic precision of infusion pumps, nurses seamlessly weave these technological marvels into the tapestry of their caregiving. Yet, this partnership is not a one-way melody; nurses, as the virtuosos of patient care, provide invaluable notes to the engineers' composition. Their insights, born from the frontlines, shape the design process by identifying practical needs, ensuring usability, and harmonizing potential improvements that elevate patient care. Together, biomedical engineering's innovation and nursing's implementation create a powerful duet, propelling healthcare forward with a shared goal: the crescendo of advancements that ultimately harmonize in improved patient outcomes.

Credits Offered

This event offers 2.0 contact hours to attendees.
Accreditation Info: Pacific Lutheran University Center for Continued Nursing Learning (PLU CCNL) is approved as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by Montana Nurses Association, an accredited approver with distinction by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation..


Garrett Craig
Garrett Craig BME, BS, MS, RN

Biomedical Engineer and Nurse

Garett Craig is a nurse engineer with a passion for collaborating in both the clinical and medcial device industry. With only a few years of experience in both clinical and industrial fields, he has quickly become known for supporting medical innovation and development. His intertwining background of these two fields has led him to success in improving patient outcomes while earning the respect of peers and colleagues alike. Garett holds a bachelor’s degree in both Biomedical Engineering and Nursing and a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering all from Duquesne University. Through school he developed a strong foundation in project collaboration, 3D printing, prototyping, patient care, applying the engineering and nursing process and translating both disciplines to create unique solutions for challenges faced in the medical field.

Kelly Landsman
Kelly Landsman MN, BME, BS, RN, PHN

Biomedical Engineer

Kelly Landsman is a biomedical engineer with nearly 20 years of industry experience in R&D of patient care related technologies. She is also a registered nurse with experience in adult cardiology and perioperative nursing. Her passion lies in bringing nursing voices to the forefront of healthcare design processes and striving to ensure positive healthcare experiences for both patients and clinicians. Kelly endeavors to achieve this by working to bring engineering perspectives and tools into clinical care processes. Kelly has spent the past five years researching and advocating for the role of the nurse engineer. Beginning in 2018 she began hosting the website, NurseEngineer.com, which underwent an update in the fall of 2023. This website is an initiative to unite those working to bring nursing and engineering skillsets together to transform healthcare.

Kenneth Cheng
Kenneth Cheng MSN, BE, RN, CHRN

Clinical Program Manager

Kenneth is currently working as a Clinical Program Manager and consultant for a technology company producing medical education software and simulation device integration. He also does part time work as a clinical research coordinator studying traumatic brain injuries through the Geneva Foundation, a nonprofit organization conducting Department of Defense medical research and innovation.