Ohio Nursing Board Scam Calls - BEWARE!

Posted 3 months ago by Peggy Berry in Announcement

The Board continues to hear from nurses and employers who are receiving calls from someone posing as a Board of Nursing investigator. The caller may state that nurse(s) are under investigation by the DEA, FBI, or Board of Nursing; the caller may ask for DEA numbers or bank account numbers and may threaten loss of licensure if the caller does not receive the information. Please be aware that these calls are NOT from the Board of Nursing.

The calls are fraudulent. Do not provide DEA numbers, banking numbers, or SSNs to anyone saying they are from the Board of Nursing – the Board would not demand that information over the telephone. In some instances, the scammer provided a fraudulent document to the nurse using the Nursing Board letterhead. If you need to confirm whether a caller is an investigator for the Board of Nursing, please email: board@nursing.ohio.gov.